The original, Pure lip balm is the rich and velvety balm that is Valley Mist’s raw, launch product recipe. No frills and nothing added. The Pure Valley Mist lip balm has its own natural content loaded with vitamin E, a huge 30% ingredient content of cocoa seed butter at it’s foundation, combined with organic beeswax, keep this lip balm simple and uncomplicated. Pure lip balm offers a loving protection and the ahhhh of relief to those with sore, dry or chapped lips. You will definitely notice the gentle chocolatey smell from the high cocoa seed butter content, but if you’re looking for something unnaturally fragrant then Valley Mist lip balm is not for you.


For every sale of Eco lip balm paper-board tubes Valley Mist makes an annual donation of 8.5% of the profits towards environmental cause charities.

All natural ingredients and mostly organic. No parabens or petroleum based compounds. No added flavours. Great to rub over cuticles too to nourish your nails.


Lip balm tube and outer packaging made from paperboard and will fully decompose after use.




Valley Mist Pure Vegan Lip Balm 10g

  • WLT Donation, Plastic Free, Zero Waste